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Actor and musician Charles Esten performs on LION Lunch Hour!

Charles Esten performs his new song 'In a Bar Somewhere' live on LION Lunch Hour!

Watch here!

Charles Esten Announces Faith-Inspired Single “A Little Right Now”


“Everybody, in all walks of life, finds themselves at a point in time when they’re not feeling the faith they used to feel, whether it’s a faith in a greater power, in God, faith in their own abilities, or faith in things working out,” says singer-songwriter Charles Esten, calling American Songwriter from his Nashville home. “There are things that are out of your hands, and that’s where faith comes in—but sometimes, you’re just not feeling it.”

Charles Esten on the Story Behind New Song, ‘One Good Move’: ‘I Was Just a Bad Decision Machine’

by Melinda Newman, for BILLBOARD

The song, which premieres below, appears on the 'Nashville' and 'Outer Banks' actor's debut album.

....Written with Sam Bacicoff, Zarni deVette, and Elise Hayes, the deeply personal power ballad is the first taste of Esten’s debut album, which he will release later this year. 


‘Outer Banks’ Star Reflects on Saying Goodbye to Show With “Poetic” Final Episode

by Ryan Gajewski for THE LA TIMES

The departing performer tells The Hollywood Reporter about alternate versions written for that fateful scene and the mixed emotions in exiting the popular Netflix series....

How did you feel about season three and the ways in which Ward got to evolve?

It’s been very gratifying to me because it’s not often that the bad guy gets any kind of emotional arc. But from the very beginning, they put it in the lines, and they allowed me to run wild with it, is that other side of Ward that makes people not exactly sure they hate him (laughs) — where they might just see a human being under there.


Inside the ‘most debated’ plot twist in ‘Outer Banks’ history

by Max Gao for THE LA TIMES

Warning: The following contains spoilers for “Outer Banks” Season 3.

In the first three seasons of Netflix’s “Outer Banks,” the Pogues — the moniker adopted by a close-knit group of working-class teens residing off the coast of North Carolina — have survived near-fatal drownings, plane crashes, car chases, animal attacks, fiery explosions, countless gunshots and other brushes with greedy treasure hunters looking to cash in on their international search for an ancient fortune.

So when they set out to wrap up a three-season, 30-episode mystery involving the mythical city of gold known as El Dorado, co-creators and executive producers Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke were prepared to swing for the fences.